Sunday, March 29, 2009

hair down

long day, i could really go for that nutella i turned down today. i havent eaten in like 9 hours, becuase at dinner time i got an emergency text to go to the hospital from corey becuase she was in the er, thus for eliminating my homework. so i went to the hospital, they did test, and ruled out it might be a blood clot in her lung, so they are waiting overnight to do a ct scan in the morning and we should all know by then how it is going, after being their 3 hours i came back here got pj's, laptop movies snacks, etc for her went back dropped them off and stuck one of those hear monitor things on her forehead and called it her 3rd eye. anyways i havent eaten becuase well at that point i was just trying to relax her and now well its too late, mideaswell just wait till the morning. tomorow some time im going to pick her up from the hospital i think, well go get her car and then come home, then painting class, ughhhhhh my fucking life. idk long day tomorow and well just in general till thursday. then i find otu whats happening with my wisdom teeth, and also stuarts getting his out that day, handy bussiness. hell be cute with his puffy cheeks. tired tired, ohh and that hospitals elevator speaks, how fucking weird is that, i hate elevators to begin with nevermind ones that talk

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