Monday, March 16, 2009


i want to go back home where the living is easy. i miss my parents but they drive me crazy and i know i couldnt go back their for a long long time. id rather live in langley and commute here, but its alot of time spent traveling and alot of gas. i just dont like being stuck here. im not stuck at all but i dont see the point in going back o langley just to come back here every morning and pay for this place. maybe corey will go to london sooner than later at at least ill me finishing my 3rd year. idk its werid entering 3rd year that ill still be 19 for a few weeks and ill be 21 when i graduate. im really sick. i threw up in the parking lot at school and i dont feel good at all. log day tomorow and i have to find something for kevynn. i just think i need sleep. shit on a biscut. i need to do part of the reading tomorow morning at least.

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