Tuesday, March 10, 2009

cant stand it

the way things go you get so low and struggle to find your skin. look out below becuase your prayers will never be answered again. my phone is dead what a surprise, its such a peice. im so tired. my mom called em at 8 05 and was like sydney why is their dead air. and that is when i realized i had never woken up to go to work. so i made it here at 8:30 in flipflops in an artic wind storm. fuck its cold outside. then their wad no parking near where i needed to be so i just paid the 3 50 to park in the lot. its going to be one of those days im sure. and ive got to leave class early to go to the dentist for a cleaning, hell im not stoaked. i had a dream that on friday night me amber brittany stuart chantelle john some other guys and kevynn went to this bowling alley that was like the size of an indoor water slide park, and i got lost in the green secion but they were in the red section it was that huge. and my phone died but i had facebook so i communicated with chantelle to where everyone was, but then people kept asking em howto get to everyone else but i was so lost alone in an arcade it want a good dream.

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