Tuesday, December 30, 2008


i came in this morning and all of the lights were on and doors open do people not know who to shut off a light? lets see umm no. but see they also do not know how to read signs or do things in general. im not sure even if i am working id prefer not to if i didnt have to but we will see how the day goes. i have to see stuart later which is fine we just ar going to hang out anyways. all the money i own today is going to gas oh joy. im going to have to talk to someone about that. ive earner 70 dollars worth of money here. two weeks ago i just need to cash it in cha chinggg. got i cant wait till i have money again. this time i will plan it out i have to... how boring. im waiting for bob to come in today i dontthink i need to work today. was is their to do for me? nothing it seems for today, we can talk about next week. and go over when i will be working. blah blah blah dan is in the stiduio along its funy because she dosent know what he is doing withouth nick technacally. im bored at work i want to go home and do something else, maybe ill stream a movie for later on. fjfjfijfjfjfjfjfjfjjffffffffff

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