Tuesday, October 14, 2008


i have much much to o much to do in so little time and if i cant do these things i wont survive. i need the day off work point period end. i need to vote, buy art stuff and cram. now it dosent help that last niht i had a martini or two before hanksgiving causing me to when i got home at 7pm to fall directly asleep. but here when i awake at 9 to a comotion in the kitchen i am greeted by a force unxpected that is angry at me at the world and expects im to felll sorry for it. but not olny waking me froma dead sleep does it do so, but it tells me all these things and that i hould go back to bed and keeps throwig shot around. which inturn starts my panic attack. fuckkk. so i get a mini panic attack and realize i cant get up at 9 30 now to study no no. sleep. so hre i am in the morning not ready stranded and unready for the biggest midterm... and yet some smal little part of me hopes i fail, just in case. fuck i need to decided because this guessing game is only for one side.

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