Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i still care for you

im in this room i liek to call the board roo next to my work relaxing, no one is ever in here and they have comfy swivle chairs and im very close to white dwarf. i did not want to get out of bed this morning at all. i really question the things i do sometimes. or why. i need to be responsile. but i have these very unreal expectations of how my life should work out and how much of an adult i must be, but what really happened is i was like 15 till i was 17 and then forever i was 17 and now im a 19 year old living in a 2 year olds lifestyle. and i dont know how to do this 25 thing. its too complicated and stressful. i try to be mature and make the best choices and be money savy but im not and ive done alot of things i shouldnt have. like right now im wearing the clothes i wore to surry last night and im super thirsty becuase i havent had any water and i cant afford any food or anything, fuck my stupid life i need to go pay for parking, becuase during my break in work i

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