Monday, October 6, 2008


i dont think i should have to deny how i feel anymore. i not denying it to you, i just dont think i should be limited to how happy i can feel. when i think about you i become happy, and when i think of other things i get sad so now im in this place wehre i feel like i should be mad at you so im not so happy, but i cant. see the problem here is that i cant just be. i dont know where or when i let things limit me but i did, and weather i try or not its not helping anyone. so here im free. im going to be happy when i want. and im not going to deny that becuase of other things in my life. looking at me i see my flaws and ive realized what i might need to stop doing or considering in my life. ill try to be a better person.i wonder sometimes just in a minute if im the only one, but im not. i think you know more than anyone. and you put the low ride on me.

even on rainy days things can be ok.

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