Monday, September 1, 2008

im tired

last night i slept for about 2 and a half hours maybe 3. you wouldnt let me sleep. some people have twisted brains. i havr to start my second year in the morning and im not stoaked, oh dang i dont have change for the parking thing. i like running my fingers threw your hair right before i sleep, and i like it when our legs intertwine. i want you to do it, dont just look at me and smile/ i think my bed is broken at that end. it makes loud noises of you step on it or roll on it. i havent had pants this tight i think since grade 9 or 10.

Youve got to spend some time with me. i know that youll find love, i will possess your heart.

i love those lyrics.

i think its very idk, i like it when you touch me. and i like touching you. i think if you read this out of context i sound like a big slut, but i mean the touch of the hand or on the neck or ready to go to bed like now. and my knee really fucking hurts from wrestling and sitting like that to watch kill bill, no more streaming on this slow internet.

i will possess your heart

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