Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i'd rather be with you

what if i told you i haven't been alone in a while

ive been missing in this whirlwind. i lost that complicated solitary Sydney.

The truth is i'm so afraid of failure. how could i deal with it. i had been oblivious till Saturday what i might be doing could go somewhere and i wasen't just going to be some girl. the idea that i might let someone in is frighting. mostly the only time i get alone in a day is when i drive to school or home. when i dont have to talk to people i can just listen to music. i need to be doing my homework, but i cant im blocked up somehow. i think i need to make music,but i dont have the strength. i gave that up a long time ago sadly.

why cant i let happyness into my life

im more like lina than i thought, but ill push past it. i know i can

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