Monday, September 22, 2008


my sharpie just dryed out, so i put the cap back on hoping it might rehydrate in a few minutes for me to do somoe more work. but im highly doubt full that this trick will work. this lyno buiness is a bitch. and i dont want to do anymore work, but thats not an option right now. as much as i would want it to be. ive got 4 days!! hahahaha. i hate drawing in negative form its not as fun as it could be and i dont think this ear looks very natural. sort of crooked. i think she should have been a blond but thiers not any going back now. UGHHHH I WANT TO BE IRRISOPISBLE GUGJGJDGDSNGSDKGNSDGKGNDKNGKDSGNKGSDNGKDGN

fuck this adlut hood thing

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