Monday, August 4, 2008

oh tulameen days 2008

* Note this was written over a few days and i didnt filter, well beuase then it wouldnt be real, dont be mad, accept me*

sing it loud

ok so wow, i've never had a more random night of drunken fumbling and new friends. i went to colmont last night to meet missy and on the way we ran into Sam j from ridge. so random, so after one drink were on our way to the outhouse, and Sam's their and picks us up on a quad and takes us to her camp site. where my sex was questioned at first by some tool, that i called a tool later on that night. so after a few awkward moments we went and got more booze and came back, but this time it had got-ten dark out and on our way back i twisted my ankle but it didn't hurt so bad. once we ventured back it was more chill and after some loud music and a bunch of booze i was drunk, missy was drunk and everyone was plastered. i met a lot of new people from all over the camp site, missy held hands with some guy named Jeff for the last while. i had to venture in the dark all alone back to our site to get pants and more booze at 2:30 and got a flashlight. im going back tonight but oh my lord i think were going to get more plastered than before. i drank almost that whole Mickey to my self, and didn't puke at all, after a while the vodka just tasted like water. that's sick. Sam j known as rambo popped in and out all night and their is this make shift hot tub i was told we all had to go into tonight. oh Mann. you should have been their. i missed my cuddle buddies
oh missy, fuck my x boyfriend and your Sony erricson phone. im tired as hell and have a hella hangover, only cure is more booze.

i cant contemplate my feelings about this i need a break.

i dont know what's going on and i need to figure it out soon, i need something something that isn't this.

let me go like i let you

i need to figure this out

fucked up day two

im done camping, i drank way too much last night. somehow after a trip to the bathroom i ended up face down in a pile of dirt. i puked all over the bottom of my jeans and got blood all over my shirt. i guess i had a nose bleed. i woke up in the morning with a nose full of dirt and blood. we partied with some delta rick kids, the preppy kind for a few hours and i smoked some prime times with Courney, that was after i was already high though. all the booze hit me at once and i couldn't get up i just remember missy and Jeff trying to take me back t missy's camp site. somehow i got changed and everything was ok, another adventure to add to the list. I've decided i cant call you mine since you dont call me yours. I've had a monster hangover for a few days and im so happy to be back at the cabin and clean. i like listening to J it makes things feel better. i was too drunk. and i felt bad missy had to take me back, oh well i get to be a drunk bitch some nights i guess. im just done thinking, if it happens it happens if not then fine ill be your best friend still. i cant worry about things i cant control right now, people are driving me nuts and i never get to be alone any more. and i hate baby's oh wow like i dont hate them but i hate looking after them i think that's the point in my life im at right now. oh well. i wonder how Nate is doing, i hate not having this whole internet deal, it sucks ass. i had a lot of blood on my shirt this morning.

its five thirty, im sick of having no where to sleep, and how its not arranged. im not coming back to this next year, i have to nap every day because i dont get enough sleep in other places. im so sick. im sick of this.

day 3
fuck i spent last night at home. im so sick of a FUCKING TENT. oh well everyone else is going home tonight, good, then ill leave in the morning, missy had to have changed my pants. my neck hurts alot from the dirt. and sleeping on it. i still dont feel good, idk soon. ive just stopped this weekend was too much to deal with.


Missy said...

Oh Sydney, you were a drunk bitch. But you're allowed one or two nights so it's all good. I didn't change you in to anything, I just plopped you in the tent, told you to drink some water and chill. And you did. Hahaha, you were a MESS. I love you. <3

Anonymous said...

I knew I'd miss out on lots..

summerskin245 said...

you and every body else that didnt come, man im jelaious of your tripppppp. COME NEXT YEARRRRRR!!!!!!!