Sunday, August 17, 2008

All around me

somehow i feel like i crossed the line with telling. heres the deal, i just had to, i needed someone to understand. last night i went to sams for for a while. and i came home and watched the olympics with stuart. that big mess still confuses me. and i think kevynn knew what i meant. i didnt want to hurt you. i really have to quit on my last day tommorow its not a choice. i have to be working in an hour and im not stoaked. im worried. why dont you care about me. why do i get no notification. its hard to deal when you say one thing but do another. ive got sleepy eyes, and im thirsty. i wonder how bad today will be at work. i cant play these games forever, the worst part is these games arent even from the person you'd expect, listen to all around me

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