Friday, July 11, 2008

simply anxious

ive drawn the line a long time ago, and i think i crossed it. i love sufjan stevens so much, i think i forgot for a while how good it was, or i was lookign for soemthing else. im missing you. alot. im biding my time, ans wondering hy you never text me. its a selfconsious thing i guess. i wish i made the right decisions. but that never happens. sigh i just got freaked out at for a dvd i lost but iv never seen it. i dont know why i wont show her this blog, i dont think its to hide me it to hide you. idk i guess i want myself to be a secrectof parts too. i dont know what this dvd deal is but im not involoed.

idk anymore i just get blamed for everything.

i just dont know

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