Wednesday, July 30, 2008

my airmattress died in the middle of the night

umm ok im sitting in the parking lot for the beach, stealing someones open internet connection. i forgot to pick up the papers at brittanys. stuart just convinced me to cancel my surgery somehow. it was for august 15th but ill just push it back. so i can go camping to jones lake and i can go to pax. today i spent alot of time thinking about how much it would mean if i left, or other wise. i was wondering if it had just been me who had grown attached but then when i told him he was like NOO, somehow i think this will come up in drunken conversations with missy, if your reading this please come rescue me on thusday m number 143 on 1st street kiddy corner to the firehall. i sleep in t tent by my self. and it was rainign and cold last night. what sandy said the other night for clarification was that was the end of summer to me and stuart. idk how or why he thoguht so, but im glad your safe and im glad to see missy soon


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Did you have fun sleeping on the cold ground again??

summerskin245 said...

f course i did but this time it was so very alone

Missy said...

Yes of course I'm reading this! I can't rescue you today, since we are so disorganized that we'll be there around midnight, but I will drop by first thing in the morning and save you from.. whatever you need saving from. And then the drunken conversations will commence, for I much to tell you! I would blog, but I have to leave in like five seconds, so I thought I'd just leave you a little message so you knew what teh hellz is going on. :) Don't worry Brittany I will blog when I get home and you can be all, " OMG WTF, *girly giggles about boys and things* " too! <3