Thursday, July 17, 2008

if you were missing i would run away

so one. i left my phone at brittanys house, and no i looked in my car. so im not going to get that till tomorowo or the next day, ill just go to work aftr i get my haor done and tell her about it. ugh i can still taste the big mac bite. umm my car is still full of beach fire stuff, my pupppy blanket got a fire hole in it. i had a really good time. and now i smell like camp fire. im not sure if i woke steve up or he was just suposed to but its 4:30ish so hes going to work withing the hour and i just got home. i saw someguy walking to work as i drove home and the sum was comming up, i love getting paid more than i thought i would um mann if i get like 50 bucks i can so do pemberton maybe hahahahaahhahaha fuckk haha i can ehateer ill ust be poor but i need gas to go to tulammen and 22 dollars for fun and other things. um ushually i get paid thursday and by sunday i have nothing left. im still wired from that iced cap ohhhhh man i have to get up at 9 5 and a half hours, whatever tomorow i can nap and do laundry and wash thouse blankets and clean out mty trunk and get gas. i should watch fat camp so i can go to sleep , or should i just not sleep at all? and then just re fix my sleepig later tonight and wake up the next day, umm i could make it for anothing 30 hours??/ i think. idk i can try it out i really am not sleepy at all im into food, haha im fucked for sleeping, like alot. ugh

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