Saturday, June 28, 2008

tell me that you'll open your eyes

today.. ive been up for 22 hours. ive got nothing, nothing to say and ive run out of people and time. i dont even know what to do. ive dryed the well so many times i cant even cry. im not sure if going to tims tonight was very smart. but i had to get away and try to not just think about it. i never thought this would happen tonight. this morning started off good, except for work calling. i dont even know what to do. then i went on what was called a hangout but was more like a date. i dont know if i can. im so draned and tired, i just cant put on a happy face right now. i almost came to the point where i didnt know what was going on and i was going to loose you. some people just dont understand. my eyes hurt and i just drove an hour home. im beside myself and it dosent fell like anything right now other than a ball of worry. i wish. i hope. i dream. and i never wanted my last words to be those ones.

all of this feels strange and untrue

i want you to open your eyes

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