Thursday, June 5, 2008

Since when

mind boggled, do people really think im a music snobb. id like to think id listen to anything but some music just i dont consider good. and im not afraid to say that. im not going to play half rated shit. maybe i am this snobb you speak of. i just want to go out and spand this money but i know i must save some for next weeks registration. fuck that snobb shit. ill listen to good stuff hell i even liked som avril the other day. since when did i form this persona of brutal judgments and harsh words. it all started back in the years past. its 16 miles to the promise land, and ill promise you im going to do the best i can, now somedays they last longer than others. but this day by the lake went too fast, and if you want me you better speak up i wont wait, so you better move fast. its true. im not going to wait anymore. im past that. fuck shit tags becuase they scrach and touch this wound. i want more already probably a flower. i think half sleeves look really good personally on girls. maybe one day haha my grandma will freak out she already saw this one and her jaw dropped. im not the sweet kid i used to be, im dropping this. this isnt how i wanted things to turn out. sigh time to revert and conform and transform.

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