Wednesday, May 7, 2008

god bless the day light the sugary smell of spring time remebering when you were mine

ugh i feel like shit. i woke up at 3 and had to come downstairs to get some pills. then all of a sudden i was about to puke and i was. i had dreams my bed was work, and that i had to sleep at work and my pillow was a bag of flower. i still feel really sick. it all comes down to the point where your all the same no matter how much you really might think your different. this whole planning business is stressing me out and the point where it all comes down to me is even harder. im missing the alternate. were going to get together later in the month but its true im missing alot of people i got so used to seeing everyday. im just treading water here. missy was right i think it is this nasty secret mean streak. oh well. i guess its all about you. its central and i sort of want to go to the coqutlem river soon. on like a hot day. i sort of just want to give up and not go. and he vertdict is that im not impressed by much. im sorry your loss ive tryed

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