Wednesday, April 9, 2008

so much for bed at 7:30 tonight. sigh. i knew one day it would catch up with me. really i know its just an excuse to get mad, and punish me. the only true reason you dont like me is becuase you cant control me. you know when i look back at all my great memories somehow your never in a part of any of them. i dont even think were talking anymore. have fun never seeing me because i hate you. and you remember the day you said it was your house and if i didnt like it i could leave? yeah i remember that private conversation too. and you know what. thats the reason i went and lived at school my first year. life isnt as hard as it seems, you only make it that way. im glad you had fun making yourself stay up till i came home, becuase you fucked yourself over for work, and its sort of an accomplishmant. really you have to get over it, becuase it was an accident. but not really at all, thats just what im telling you.

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