Wednesday, March 26, 2008

i lost a friend somewhere allong the bitterness

I've been evaluating for a while, and you know i was so scared if i did something wrong, i might ruin everything, but the truth is i shouldn't have been afraid at all. i really didn't need you or do those things to keep things the way they were. and really i cant believe what happened. the day i said that no matter what you coudl always come back, and id be their, well its not true anymore. sure i cant change the things that did happen but its really just a hurt i wont be able to fix. i cant really say where things are going to turn up, or how our lives will go on, but ive done it before, just last time i was the one leaving, and maybe i did leave you for the road to other things, but you knew it would happen. its just sort of a shame is all. im feeling pretty sick and just want to sleep alot, who knows where we'll go or who we might meet but i know from now on, its me kid, even though you promised

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